During more than 30 years, Bill Hardie represented clients on both sides of the docket. He believes that the parties are entitled to present their case in a fair and cost effective manner. Bill also believes that it is his obligation to render a prompt and fact-based decision.

What Are the Primary Benefits of Arbitration?

Substantial time and cost savings are typical of arbitration proceedings because the discovery and presentation of evidence is more relaxed than it is in a jury trial. In highly complicated or technical matters, the parties may prefer that someone with specialized knowledge regarding the industry in which their dispute is rooted make the final decision rather than a judge or a jury with no such background.

Cost of Service

A nonrefundable fee deposit of $1500 is required to register the case. The registration deposit will be credited to the arbitration fee. The arbitration fee is $400 per hour. A trial deposit will be required for prep work, the arbitration hearing and post-trial work and is due prior to the final hearing. Fees are divided equally between the parties unless otherwise awarded by the Arbitrator.

Upon receipt of the registration fees, a scheduling conference is promptly held to set discovery deadlines and the trial date.